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If you are not familiar with a pepperoni roll, you might ask what one
is.  They are sliced pepperoni with Mozzarella, American, or Hot
Pepper cheese baked inside our sweet bread recipe.  They can be
eaten at room temperature, or placed in the microwave for 15-20
seconds.  No refrigeration is needed.

Our rolls were first developed in the 1950s for the coal miners of
West Virginia.  These tasty treats were perfect for the miners since
no refrigeration was needed and they could be packed for their
lunches.  This would keep the miners fed during their long days
inside the deep mines so that they wouldn't have to leave for food.  
Our rolls were a hit, not only with the miners, but for anyone who
tried them.  They soon spread to every convenience store and
grocery store throughout the state.
History of Pepperoni Rolls
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