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Marty's bakery has been around since the 1950's and is one of the first bakeries in the world to make the famous Pepperoni
Roll.  Since that time, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of pepperoni rolls in the world, producing close to
14,000 rolls per day and growing!  We are currently distributing our rolls throughout the state of West Virginia and part of Ohio
and are currently working on going to a more national level with companies such as Sam's Club and Speedway, Inc.

Our rolls come in four different varieties.  First, and most popular, is our Mozzarella Pepperoni Roll.  This is Mozzarella cheese
and sliced pepperoni baked together inside our famous sweet dough recipe.  These are available in a six or three ounce roll.  
We also have two other cheese flavors available, which are Hot Pepper or American cheeses baked the same way as the
Mozzarella roll.

The last variety is our authentic Marty's Italian Pepperoni Rolls.  This is our delicious Italian bread with stick pepperoni inside,
no cheeses and is only offered in the three ounce size.  This was actually the original pepperoni roll that was invented back in
the 1950's.

The great thing about the Pepperoni Roll is that they DO NOT have to be refrigerated and can be enjoyed anywhere you go!  
They are great for camping, school lunches for the kids, a day at the beach, traveling, or tailgating to name a few.

We hope you would give us a try and discover what is soon to become a treat for all of America to enjoy.

                                                                                                                                       Thank you,
                                                                                                                                       Dennis Mazza, Manager
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